To meet the requirements set out in your specifications, Tanneries work in collaboration with a highly proficient laboratory, which constantly ensures that international safety, environmental and sustainable development regulations are satisfied.

A highly proficient laboratory

  • all the laboratory’s equipment undergoes annual metrology analyses in order to ensure its compliance with the regulations in force;
  • all tests are conducted by authorised staff, in line with the standards in force;
  • all product ranges are tested in accordance with the specifications. If necessary, the finishing manager takes over the final product stages to ensure that the produce complies with customer requirements;
  • written records of all orders are archived by Tanneries and returned upon request from the customer in the form of a procedure log sheet.

Rigorous checks

All hide, mostly originating from France, undergoes a rigorous selection procedure as soon as it arrives on-site and is systematically checked throughout the entire transformation process.

Tanneries strive to provide their customers with impeccable quality and are fully committed to implementing a quality control procedure during the transformation and finishing processes, which is conducted by a member of staff unaffiliated to the production unit.

In the final stages, each hide is inspected, sorted and classified by product quality for possible dispatch.


To aim higher still in terms of quality and smoothly-run production operations, and in addition to in-process hide monitoring, our 5S management system and to the attention given to site and equipment cleanliness, Tanneries staff regularly undergo training: dyers, colour specialists, colour preparers, etc.